Warm Roof Insulation -Success Story

The Project

Mr Reading lives in a large property with lacklustre fibre insulation on the floor of the loft. Experiencing a large heat loss in the winter and excessive solar gain in the summer, he decided it was time to address the issue and look at a longer term insulation solution.

After carrying out his own research, it was decided that he would proceed to seek quotes for spray foam insulation and a survey was arranged. We were also advised that he would be seeking two or three comparative quotes to ensure he was getting the best deal, therefore, pricing would play a big part in helping to fit in with his budget.

The Survey

In general, the loft space was in good condition although was quite full with belongings. There was a paper membrane in situ between the rafters and this was failing in many areas. The large loft space had become a real pressure point for wasted heat loss escaping the property and this was evident from the survey.

We install our insulation into properties of all sizes, therefore, this 200 square metre roof space certainly wasn’t something that fazed us. To achieve the best results, the installation needed a professional spray team who could work quickly, accurately and carefully in order to achieve the thermal seal of the roof space to achieve maximum efficiency.

The Specification

Due to the failed paper membrane, we discussed the installation with Mr Reading and we all agreed that his best option would be for a direct to tile closed cell application. This method of insulating would not only provide the thermal performance required but would also futureproof the roof from potential damage from slipped or broken tiles, not least exasperated through the lack of a decent protective membrane between rafters.

We discussed at length, the pros and cons of choosing a direct to tile application and Mr Reading decided that it would be the option that gave him and his family the best peace of mind for the long term. Our quotation wasn’t the cheapest option out of the four quotes received but he felt at ease with our survey process and appreciated the fact he was not bullied into a decision, whilst being given plenty of time to consider his options.

The Installation

As a company who treat health and safety seriously, our install team raised concerns on arrival at the property. A member of our team had just completed his level 2 asbestos awareness qualification and had concerns that the perished paper membrane between the rafters was actually a thin gauge asbestos sheeting.

The team discussed this discovery with the customer, sealed the loft space to prevent access and pulled off the installation pending a sample being independently tested to ascertain is asbestos was present. With the sample testing being handled and paid for by ourselves, we were relieved to get the all clear after a few days and we proceeded to install.

The large area took a day and a half to complete to a very high standard, leaving the customer delighted that he had chosen ThermoHome to undertake the works. The closed cell foam bonded direct to the tile and added significant benefits of cooling the loft space over what was a long and hot summer. During the winter, the insulation did its job to keep the house warmer whilst retaining heat.

Client Feedback

ThermoHome are beyond brilliant. Highly professional, clean and great communications. They stand alone as the leaders in this industry. I am a fussy buyer, and had numerous companies around to look at my roof. They stood out for their professionalism and quality of service. Each stage was explained to me, the process, the foam and the benefits.

When it came to the installation, they were prompt, clean and very professional. In fact they found a suspect material in my roof, halted work and got it tested because they were concerned for my family. This was at their own cost!!! The job itself is neat and tidy. My house is measurably cooler, even in this heatwave and everyone is sleeping better at night. I can sum it up by saying awesome company, great people and the best product in the market!”

Mr Reading, Bognor Regis, East Sussex