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Ventilation is a crucial consideration for the ongoing health of a property, whether an existing home or a New Build. Our solutions range from Single Room to Whole House Heat Recovery and Positive Input Ventilation.


Ventilate your home using our energy-efficient ventilation to help reduce moisture, mould and condensation.


Improve your health, reduce the impacts of airborne pollutants and pollen and mitigate dampness and mould.


Using Heat Recovery technology, our systems help you to retain the heat within the home more efficiently.

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We specialise in supplying and installing a wide range of home ventilation systems. From single-room heat recovery units to multi-room MVHR systems, we’ve got you covered whether you have an existing home or a new build project underway. Ventilation is a crucial component to living healthily. When installed into well-insulated homes, our systems can benefit the homes and its occupants’ health.

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We’re always on the lookout for experienced electricians and ventilation installers to assist with ventilation installations. If you’re in the ventilation industry or fancy dipping your toes in, we’d love to hear from you.

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We’re proud to be delivering solar installations every day throughout the Southwest of England. Check out some of our installations and remember, if you would like to speak to some of our customers to learn about their experience with us, we’d be delighted to put you in touch.


How Much Does MVHR Cost?

MVHR systems range from around £2000-£4000 for the system and associated ducting, plenums, and distribution boxes. On top of this, there is an added cost to fit the system, although many of our customer prefer to undertake most of the installation themselves whilst under our guidance. There are many types and brands of MVHR systems at various price points, but the important thing is to always slightly over size the system to reduce the strain and therefore the operational noise.

Why Is a Awenta AHR Better for Existing Homes?

The Awenta AHR is a unique and modern single-room heat recovery system that can be installed with relative ease. The only thing to bear in mind is that it requires to be hardwired into a plug socket. Unlike whole house MVHR systems, smaller AHR units focus on a room-by-room ventilation strategy, therefore, if you have one room that suffers damp, mould, and condensation, it can be installed in that room to address the problem. This is a much cheaper way to live healthily whilst addressing damp, mould, and condensation problems.

How Long Does An Installation Take?

A Single Room AHR or Solar Venti PIV installation can usually be installed in a matter of hours and the installation causes little disruption to your property. An MVHR installation generally takes several days due to the complex run of ducting into each room of the house. As a supplier and installer of our product range, we’ll always endeavour to ensure installations are completed in a timely manner.

What Is The Difference Between AHR and Solar Venti PIV?

The single-room AHR units introduce ventilation in otherwise unventilated spaces whereas the Solar Venti PIV relies upon there being existing passive vents for which it can force stale air through. The PIV introduces fresh air that forces old air from the home whereas the AHR forces the air out first before reintroducing fresh, filtered, and heated air. To conclude, they work in opposite ways – the Solar Venti PIV introduces fresh air whilst the AHR removes stale air.

What Is The Cost Of An Single Room AHR?

Unlike the several thousands of pounds of investment required for an MVHR, the AHR is usually less than £500 for the single room version. Where multiple AHR’s are added to create a ventilation network across several rooms, the secondary units will cost around the £350-£400 mark. Whilst AHR’s are more expensive than generic extract fans found in bathrooms, they offer better value for money in the long term thanks to the heat recovery function.

Does The Solar Venti Work In The Winter?

Yes! Some of the best performance from a Solar Venti comes on crisp, cold and sunny winter days. The Solar Venti generally performs much better when the sun is out but even when the temperature is close to freezing, the heat from the sun still powers the fan and heats the air as it passes into the exchanger. Solar Venti is essentially an air shifter and when the internal air is moist and stale, the positive input ventilation will help to force out old air from the property year round.

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