ThermoHome Communities

ThermoHome Communities

What are we aiming to achieve?

As a business, we operate to make money but our passion for energy efficient homes runs much deeper than the profits we make, we care about the future of our country. It might sound a bit of a cliche but if we can’t give a little back to the people who most need it then we are just another commercial enterprise who put themselves first.

We want our customers to be warm and cosy in their homes during the winter. Nothing pleases us more when a customer calls us to tell us they feel warmer! Now we need to spare a thought for those who can barely afford to turn on their heating let alone consider insulating their homes. Most are tenants of landlord owned properties and naturally, a landlord doesn’t want to spend more than they have to when it doesn’t benefit them. There’s also the ageing population who perhaps feel the cold much more than those who are active and able to move around freely.

What is happening with Fuel Poverty?

Despite the progression of the UK over the last century, we still have 2 Million people who live in fuel poverty and we feel its time to act now. Fuel poverty is defined as “the condition of being unable to afford to keep one’s home adequately heated”. Basically, this means that there are around 2 Million people in our country who are cold in their homes!

Fuel poverty has some rather uglier side effects than just being cold. The pressure on the NHS during winter months can directly be linked to winter ailments that have a habit of circulating rapidly.

Being cold isn’t going to help matters, particularly in the elderly and vulnerable. The cold penetrates and exasperates arthritis for example, not to mention numerous other conditions related to the respiratory system. We aren’t able to put a cost on the NHS of having to deal with these largely avoidable illnesses. But one things for sure, if our citizens had access to dry and warm homes during the winter, the benefits will certainly outweigh the costs of ignoring those who struggle the most.

Since we started ThermoHome…

Four years ago, we always had a vision that we try to give a little back to those who most need our help. This doesn’t mean applying a levy or increased charge on our customers who can afford our products, this simply means allocating some of our profits to help those in need.

There’s been a huge shift towards the concept of spray foam insulation over the last couple of years and this means that as a company, we are installing a large volume of insulation into domestic property. The growth of the industry enables us to allocate a small percentage of our profits in trying to adequately insulate at least one home in fuel poverty, per month.

ThermoHome Communities is our new enterprise that launches in December 2018 and we are confident it will make a big difference so those who need our help the most. It’s impossible for us to help bring all 2 Million people out of fuel poverty but we will certainly do our bit to help!

If you have a friend or family member who cannot afford to heat their homes adequately, contact us today to find out how we can help them.

We are unable to help those who have adequate insulation and just can’t afford to heat their homes but for those who have little or no insulation, we can make a huge difference to the cost of heating the home.

If you are feeling the effects of poor insulation in your home, visit our website or call us today to find out how we can help you bring down those costly bills!