The Frost & Snow Test

The Frost & Snow Test

See how much heat your home is wasting with this simple frost & snow test!

When it’s frosty or the first snowfall of the winter has arrived, you can do a very simple test to see how much heat your home is wasting. Take a wander down your street and spot the houses without any frost or snow on them. There is bound to be one or two!

If the heat in your home is being retained sufficiently, you can expect to see a layer of frost or snow. This is because the heat that your home generates is not escaping through the roof. If you’re well insulated you can expect to see that glistening sheen of winter on your roof, at least until the sun comes up and is warm enough to melt it.

In the image above the home on the right is a house we installed Spray Foam Insulation in 2017.

Do you have a roof that melts frost and snow before the sun has had chance to warm it? This means you have no insulation or extremely inadequate insulation. You need to act on this because pound coins are literally escaping through your roof!

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