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The Energy Cost Test

The dreaded energy bill

It’s one of the things we fear the most, the post arriving after the over indulgence of Christmas. Will it be my latest energy bill? To be honest, the worst is yet to come. The quarter January through to March is often the coldest in the UK. The Beast from the East might be ramping up or the cold northerly winds from the Arctic might be in full swing once we’ve said goodbye to Christmas.

Don’t get caught out

You should always know when your current energy tariff is up for renewal and if you fail to renew, you might be charged at a higher rate. It’s always a consumers market despite the doom and gloom we hear on the news about energy price hikes. There’s loads of energy companies out there wrestling with each other for market share, so don’t be afraid to shop around and don’t be afraid to play a few off against each other to get the very best price!

One of the most innovative companies that we’ve come across recently is – give these guys authority to act on your behalf and they will work hard to get you the best deal. Their process is fairly automated particularly when it comes to renewals. They will know when best to renew your energy contracts and will scour the market to get you the best prices.

Their focus is also based around choosing the energy suppliers who will provide the best customer care, therefore, from an ethical perspective, Look After My Bills is a suitable platform for any domestic energy customer who are happy to pay their bills by a monthly direct debit.

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