Air Source Heat Pump

Motivated by the opportunity to replace a failing boiler in the middle of winter, Elaine contacted us to take advantage of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme where she could access up to £5000. Due to the limited garden space, a Ground Source Heat Pump was not a viable option, therefore, Elaine opted for a Harnitek Air Source Heat Pump.

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Fan Coil Radiators

Philip already had an air source heat pump and was originally contacting us to enquire about upgrading the cavity wall and loft insulation in his home. As discussions developed, we understood that Philip wanted to reduce the operational demands on the heat pump, therefore, we designed a replacement radiator system using the Harnitek Fan Coil range.

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Ground Source Heat Pump

Our customer was already using our Solar Panel division to reduce his dependence on electricity from the grid. We discussed his aspirations for his home and quickly realised that his plan was to renovate the home to ensure that it was as energy efficient as possible.

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