Soundproofing – Success Story

The Project

Mr Moule lives in a middle floor apartment in affluent Holland Park, Central London. With a young family, the noise through the floor to the neighbouring apartment below, can sometimes be noticeable. Mr Moule and his neighbour below decided that it would be a good idea to look to soundproof the void between the two floors in the hope that it would reduce the impact of sound transfer between the properties.

The Survey

We visited to apartment to assess the area to be insulated. Unfortunately with a carpet covering the floor boards we were unable to assess the depth of the void between the floors, however, we were confident that a void of at least 100mm would be available to us. We investigated further using a boroscope camera and were able to confirm approximate depths of 200mm and a clear void, meaning that a good layer of open cell insulation would work to reduce the impact of noise.

With proposed works to a floor area between two properties, we requested that we also assess the area from the apartment below in order to check on any potential issues that could arise from light fittings and cabling. Although spotlights were present in the ceiling of the ground floor apartment, we were able to make plans to ensure that the light fittings were suitably protected at the time of install.

The Specification

The specification works following survey were reasonably straight forward due to the open cell insulation being the best option to achieve sound deadening. The main issue that would compromise the ability to carry out the install came from the fact the apartment was decorated to a high standard with carpet in situ.

Although we employ a team of installers who also have trade experience including roofing, carpentry and plumbing, it was clear that the best option would be for the customer to make arrangements with his local tradesman contacts who could work hand in hand with our team in order to facilitate an install. After discussion with the local trades, we agreed on mutual arrangements to co-ordinate our works in such a way where the customer living arrangements would not be compromised for more than a couple of days.

The Installation

Insulating between floors can be a straight forward process when areas are accessible. In the case of this install, significant planning was undertaken between us and the local contractors to ensure that the home could be returned to the family promptly.

On day one, the contracted team lifted the carpet and created access to the floor void by carefully lifting the floor boards. On day two, our team arrived and were able to apply the open cell foam to the 35m2 floor area within 4 hours. For maximum sound proofing we applied 200mm of open cell insulation. On completion we left the contracted team to make good the removed items, returning the home back to our customer and his family on day three.

Client Feedback

“We had tried several so called solutions before we approached ThermoHome. This included extra thick carpets, sound deadening underlay and thick mats. Despite our best efforts, the 200mm void between the floors carried the sound and exacerbated noise.

The team at Thermo liaised with my contractors effortlessly for what was an install that ran like clockwork. The end results have been phenomenal with virtually all previous sound transfer eliminated. My neighbour below can now enjoy peaceful evenings whilst I can allow my children to enjoy playing in our apartment without the constant fear of disturbing our neighbour below. Thanks a million team Thermo!”

Mr Moule, Holland Park, London