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Solar PV and Battery Storage offers you the perfect solution to harness the power of the sun to run your home or business with fast payback and long-term performance.


Generate free energy from the power of the sun to reduce your dependence on the grid.


Store any excess solar energy in batteries to be used in the evening once the sun has gone down.


Fed up with expensive energy tariffs? Vastly reduce the amount you pay for your electricity.

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We specialise in the installation of Solar PV and Battery storage solutions for homes and businesses throughout the Southwest of England. Fully MCS Certified and with an excellent reputation, we specify and install robust Solar PV and storage solutions to help you save money.

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We work with the leading Solar PV and electrical brands for peace of mind

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We’re always on the lookout for qualified electricians or roofers to join our expanding Solar PV department. With Solar technology back in the spotlight in the UK, we’d love to hear from you.

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We’re proud to be delivering solar installations every day throughout the Southwest of England. Check out some of our installations and remember, if you would like to speak to some of our customers to learn about their experience with us, we’d be delighted to put you in touch.



How much does Solar PV cost?

For the average sized house with a 4KW system, you should budget between £5000-£7000 for the Panels and Inverter to be installed. If you are considering battery storage as well, you should budget between £9000-£12000 depending on the size of the batteries. The average UK home should see a return on their investment between 6-9 years at current electricity rates.

Will Solar Panels damage my roof?

Solar Panels should not damage your roof once installed. We have to check the structural condition of the roof prior to commencing works to ensure that it is capable of holding the additional weight. The Solar PV panels are mounted onto lightweight aluminium rails that are fixed to the roof by attaching hooks under the tiles.

What is the lead time for an install?

The UK Solar PV market is extremely busy at the moment and stock levels are somewhat compromised! Whilst this situation is easing a little, there is usually a 4-6 week lead in time from acceptance of the quote to installation. We kindly ask for a 50% deposit on acceptance of the quote and at that stage we order and secure all of the hardware and components. They may not always be in stock but we’ll pay for them and secure the supply chain on your behalf.

What brand should I choose?

There are now so many reliable brands on the market and we certainly don’t have a particular favourite provided the hardware is reliable, easy to install and comes with the appropriate warranties. Some of our customers may have done their research and may favour a particular brand of inverter or battery, however, most of the panels themselves operate effectively no matter what brand you choose. We will always try to advise our customers on the best choice to fit within their budgets.

How do I know my system is working?

Most modern inverters come with App or Web-based monitoring platforms. We, as your installer, will be able to keep an eye on the system performance remotely and we will set you up on the app so that you can also keep an eye on things. Ultimately , the system should be configured to fulfil the demand of the house during the day, directly from panels or to prioritise filling up the battery first before drawing energy from the grid. The battery should usually be prioritised to draw energy from over the grid. If all of these things are happening, your system should be working!

How long does an install take?

For the average UK home where 8-16 panels are being installed along with an inverter and battery, the install should be complete within a day. There are many factors tom consider such as access to the roof, the electrical run and having good access to the location where the inverter and battery is to be installed. We don’t rush our installs and if it takes longer than a day, it takes longer. We prefer for you to be in during the install in case we have any questions or need access to your house.

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