Can I Sell My Home If It’s Got Spray Foam Insulation?

Selling My Home With Spray Foam Insulation?

When a new technology comes onto the market, there is the potential for a lack of understanding to misconceive the benefits of that technology. We refer to Spray Foam Insulation as a new technology in the UK because it only represents a small part of the insulation market but is rapidly growing in popularity.

Our article “Spray Foam – The Myth That It Rots Your Roof Rafters” explains this misconception about the product in more detail.

In short, if installed according to manufacturers certification, along with any other UK accreditation such as a BBA Certificate, you should experience no problems and simply a host of amazing benefits.

Spray Foam - The myth that it rots your rafters
Spray Foam – The myth that it rots your rafters

Spray Foam Insulation was first introduced in the late 1980’s…

When Spray Foam Insulation was first introduced into the UK, it’s insulating properties were not considered. It was instead used to bond and protect ageing roofs where there was no roofing membrane under the tile. The Closed-Cell product offers exceptional adhesion to a surface and makes it virtually impossible for roofing tiles to become dislodged from the roof structure.

When a roof is ageing, the timber rafters and battens also degrade when moisture from driving rain and snow enters the property and creates a damp environment. Often, over time, roof rafters and battens will begin to rot when subjected to enough moisture. The process of applying Closed-Cell Spray Foam was often a final roll of the dice in preventing the time and cost of a total roof replacement. Most importantly, the Closed-Cell Foam was applied once a roof and it’s supporting timbers had already degraded significantly.

Fast forward 25 years…

When the time has come to replace the roof for aesthetic purposes or simply to upgrade for long term peace of mind, the adhesion of the Closed-Cell Foam will be as strong as the day it was installed. When your roofer visits to assess the process of replacing your roof, he will no doubt complain about the foam insulation as it makes his job much much harder to take the roof off.

The Ultimate Guide to buying Spray Foam Insulation!

A room at a newly constructed home is sprayed with Spray Foam Insulation

When the roof does come off and the degraded rafters and battens are visible, your roofer will most likely blame the Closed-Cell Foam for causing the rot and degradation. In actual fact, it’s thanks to the foam insulation that the rotting process diminished, the timbers dried out and the roof lasted for an extra 25 years.

Are you looking to list your home?

If you list your property for sale, a building surveyor who doesn’t understand spray foam insulation and believes the myth that it rots your roof rafters, may report back to the mortgage lender and in some circumstances, may reject the ability for your buyers to obtain a mortgage. This can happen in instances where the Spray Foam Insulation has been applied to a roofing membrane for insulation purposes.

To overcome the growing debate as to whether a property is mortgageable when it has Spray Foam Insulation installed, we’ve created a surveying department that can visit a property to test the performance of the foam insulation, the moisture content of the roofing structure and the future durability of the insulation. To date, we’ve had 100% success rate in helping those with Spray Foam Insulation to buy and sell property.


You shouldn’t fear choosing Spray Foam Insulation for your property. It’s a product that has seen exponential growth in the UK and for that reason, more and more surveyors and lenders are taking a more pragmatic approach when it comes to property with Spray Foam Insulation. We can help you overcome these issues by liaising directly with building surveyors to discuss their concerns, followed up by a full report of our findings.

If you’ve got a property with Spray Foam Insulation and you are concerned about whether you can sell it, please contact us for more information. It doesn’t matter whether we carried out your original installation, our experience allows us the ability to judge the installation to ascertain whether it will cause future issues.