We are A Trusted Insulation Provider in The South West.

For Existing Residential and New Build Homes Of All Shapes And Sizes.

Our Insulation solutions help to improve the energy efficiency of your home whilst saving you money on your heating and cooling costs. Our range of modern insulation materials and professional installations offer peace of mind for the long term.


Insulate the thermal envelope of your home for the best protection against heat loss.


Protect the home from unwanted heat loss during the winter and solar gain during summer.


Save up to 45% on your money on your heating and cooling costs with better insulation.

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We specialise in the installation of insulation materials for roof, loft, cavity walls and underfloor crawlspaces. Our products are designed to fit most budgets and range from mineral wool for lofts to resin bonded beads for cavity walls.

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Why Choose ThermoHome?

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We’re always on the lookout for experienced insulation installers to join our team. If you’re looking for a career in the insulation industry, ThermoHome could be your next place of work!

Case Studies

We’re proud to be delivering solar installations every day throughout the Southwest of England. Check out some of our installations and remember, if you would like to speak to some of our customers to learn about their experience with us, we’d be delighted to put you in touch.


We’ve delivered thousands of successful installations across the South West of England and we use a variety of insulation materials to fulfil installations. As a professional installer of insulation materials, you can check out our gallery images below to see what to expect from an installation.


How Much Does Insulation Cost?

The price of insulation varies dramatically depending on the material you choose and the ease of installation. A standard guide for mineral wool loft insulation is between £16-£24 per square metre whereas EPS Resin Bonded Beads Cavity Wall Insulation is in the realms of £18-£26 per square metre. Premium performance options like spray foam insulation can range between £30-£60 a metre.

Do I Need A Property Survey?

This depends on the information you already have. We tend to provide initial price estimates based on measurements that we can obtain from Google Earth and then if this fits within the expected budget, we can move towards a survey to drill down on your requirements. It is important to establish whether your property is suitable for insulation and whether there are any associated access problems or health and safety concerns before we undertake an installation.

What Is The Lead Time For An Install?

We generally have a two-to-three-week lead time for installations. This can extend in busy winter periods when demand is particularly high! We have several install teams on our books; therefore, we always try to undertake an installation in a timely manner. Usually, most of our installations take between one to two days and upon booking, we will notify you of an install date, time of arrival and expected duration.

Do I Need Ventilation?

We always assess the impacts of insulating the home against whether the existing ventilation strategy will suffice. It is important to remember than when the home is insulated, natural ventilation openings are somewhat reduced and therefore, additional mechanical ventilation maybe required. As qualified ventilation specialists, we know what it takes to create that healthy balance between airtight insulation and ventilation.

How Long Does The Insulation Last?

Depending on the type of material you choose and the location of where it’s installed, the lifespan varies. Mineral wool on the loft floor tends to shrink and degrade over time and may require periodic tops up whilst spray foam insulation lasts for the life of the substrate onto which it’s installed. EPS Resin Beads in cavity walls should last for at least 20 years. In under floors, there is the potential for insulation to slip out of place which is why we recommend Spray Foam Insulation here. As a provider of many insulation materials, we will always work with you to install a material you are comfortable having in the home.

Do You Offer Any Installation Guarantees?

We do! Every installation will attract a workmanship guarantee. The length of guarantee often depends on the condition of the surface that we install it on, therefore, this will be discussed with you when we submit our quote. Generally speaking, we prefer to install materials that will last for as long as possible and not degrade over a period of time so that we can give you peace of mind that any money spent is well spent!

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