Underfloor insulation

Insulating Your Underfloor

Many UK homes have an underfloor void, particularly when built on a sloped piece of land.

The underfloor or basement area of a property is often one of those unknown areas that we always try to avoid but they can come in useful for additional storage. When you’ve got an underfloor void, you can be almost certain that you will experience the negative effects of a cold and draughty floor surface that not even a pair of fluffy slippers will solve!

Perhaps you’ve accepted that you’ve just got to crank up the thermostat to counteract the effects of a cold draughty floor but you will often find that this does little to resolve the issue, particularly as heat rises and cold air sinks to the lowest point. This, of course, is not the answer as it will simply cost you more on your heating bills and does not attack the issue at source.

If you think that you’ve got an underfloor void, it’s highly likely that our ThermoFoam Insulation can be installed in order to improve your comfort around the home. Start off by looking outside for any access points that may allow entry to the underfloor void. If there’s no access point externally but you know you have a void underfloor, there could be a floor hatch somewhere on the ground floor. If you’ve got carpets, it may make things a little more difficult but if you are happy to lift the carpet to explore any access points, it’s worth doing so.

Underfloor entry point
An example of an underfloor entry point we have surveyed.

In instances where you can’t see an entry point, our surveyor could visit your property and use a boroscope camera to visualise the underfloor void. If you have external vents on the lower walls, this maybe an appropriate point to insert the camera line, failing that, it is possible for a small hole to be drilled in the floor to allow access for the camera. If there’s space of 500mm or more in the underfloor void, we can provide a straight forward solution to your problem. If there’s less than 500mm, our solution may require a little more disruption!

We like to insulate underfloor areas by crawling into the void below your house. This allows us to lie on our backs and spray apply the insulation to the underside of the floorboards, between the joists but in order to do this, we need at least 500mm to manouveure around safely and without getting trapped. If this simply isn’t possible, our solution would require the lifting of floor boards to expose the void. Once lifted, we would then spray apply a thick layer of insulation to prevent the flow of draughts up through the floor boards.

Underfloor insulation

Underfloor insulation isn’t pretty but it has amazing results if you are feeling the cold in your house!

If you’ve experienced uncomfortable winters as a result of your floor, it’s certainly worth contacting us for a free survey. This will allow us to ascertain whether our Spray Foam Insulation solutions can be installed in your home. The process of insulating an underfloor may sound daunting but quite often, we are able to find the right solution to increase your comfort and banish those cold draughts!

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