Park Home Insulation

Insulating Your Park Home

We’ve always loved the idea a Park Home living. Whenever we visit a residential Park Home site, it’s always nice to see the close-knit community of Park Home residents as they enjoy the deceptively spacious area of their lovely homes. There seem to be a multitude of benefits to choosing a Park Home over traditionally built house, not least the cost of one of these homes seems to be more favourable than your traditional bricks and mortar.

The trouble with Park Homes is that they have very thin, single ply walls and floors. This can cause them to suffer temperature extremes during summer and winter months, making the living conditions difficult at times. With such thin walls and floors, there isn’t really any space to insulate effectively and the lack of insulation can severely inhibit the enjoyment of your lovely home.

ThermoFoam Insulation

With ThermoFoam, there is a viable solution that can help insulate the majority areas of your Park Home. We recommend starting with the floor as this can be a bitterly cold area of the Park Home in winter months and with the density of cold air sinking to the ground, you will find that any internal heat within is simply displaced by this uncomfortable feeling of coldness around your feet.

Usually, there is enough access underneath a Park Home to enable us to spray our Foam Insulation directly to the underside of the floor. This means an installation is very non-intrusive.

The results are noticed instantly once you’ve had the floor insulation. The cold air cannot penetrate the layer of thermal insulation and the heat that you generate from within the Park Home has one less area in which to escape.

Many of our Park Home customers notice a good saving of around 20% on their heating costs once they’ve had their floor insulated but they often say that the general ambience of the living space outweighs any cost saving. Insulating the floor can be a reasonably cost effective way to make an instant impact and when there’s multiple installs for us on a Park Home site, the costs can come down much further.

If you truly wanted a thermally efficient Park Home, you could consider other options to expand on the floor insulation. It is possible to insulate the walls externally and this would be done by attaching a stud frame to the existing external walls, insulating with Spray Foam between the studs and then over-cladding with wood or composite panels. At the same time, this would give your Park Home a bit of a make over and potentially improve its value quite considerably. This process can be very expensive but will at the very least give you the opportunity to feel comfortable in your home for the life of the building.

What about our solar driven ventilation unit ThermoVent?

Our ThermoVent product is another great way to increase the internal temperature of a Park Home in winter months. During the summer, the flow of fresh filtered air can help remove the stale and stuffy air to make your hot summer nights much more comfortable.

Solar Ventilation

The ThermoVent is a solar driven ventilation unit that works during sunlight hours. The solar panel works to power a fan that extracts the warmth from the air, no matter how cold it is outside. The warmth is then sucked through a vent that runs into your Park Home and this circulates the warm, dry filtered air throughout the property. It’s a little like a Heat Pump but costs nothing to run.

The important aspect of the ThermoVent is the increase in air temperature, particularly in the winter. It can help to add 5 degrees or more to the internal temperature that you would otherwise heat using fossil fuels such as gas. This reduces the pressure on your boiler to heat cold air on demand and can therefore prolong the life of your assets. During the summer, ThermoVent will not increase the internal temperature but it will work to crate a convection of fresh air around your Park Home to relieve the impacts of the hot, stuffy air.

Solar Ventilation

To find out more about our solutions, why not contact us today to find out how ThermoHome can help you live more comfortably in your Park Home.