Does Heat Leak From Your Home?

Not sure whether you’ve got adequate insulation? How do you define whether your home is energy efficient and whether or not improvements can be made?

Generally it comes down to your comfort within the home during the different seasons! Is your heating on during the winter but you still feel cold? Maybe the cost of heating your home is a good gauge as to whether its energy efficient.

It’s easy to become complacent with your homes thermal performance. You may have had some free loft insulation installed 10 years ago under the Government scheme and therefore assume that your “fully” insulated. Quite often, this is a false sense of security, particularly as anything “free” is generally a low grade, short term solution.

There’s a simple way that we help our customers to understand whether their homes are leaking heat – thermal imaging. A thermal imaging camera is an expensive piece of kit and usually not something that a person would invest in for single use. We survey thousands of properties each year and therefore, thermal imaging is a good way that we can quickly identify where your home is leaking heat, giving us the ability to demonstrate our findings to you in a visual manner.

Does Heat Leak From Your Home?
Thermal Image of heat leaking through windows

The chances are, unless you’ve invested good money into insulating your home, the performance of the insulation you currently have is likely to be sub standard. It may be in-situ but it’s probably not up to the job of keeping the heat within the home.

There’s 3 key areas we look at when conducting a survey of your property, these include the roof/loft space, the walls and also the floor/underfloor area.

Our surveyor will measure the heat loss from your home by pointing the laser from the thermal imaging camera at an area of your property.

Deep Blue or Purple colours mean that your home isn’t leaking the heat whereas Orange’s and Red’s show a very different story.

Heat leakage equals money. You’re paying to warm the atmosphere instead of your home. When homeowners decide whether the cost of insulating is worth the return on investment, other factors such as the lifespan of a heating system might be ignored.

Let’s say that your home is lacking sufficient insulation and to counteract this, you have your heating system on for 2 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening, the expected lifespan of your system will be somewhat reduced. If you are well insulated and only need to heat your home for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening, you’re reducing the running time of your heating system by 66%, therefore, in theory, its lifespan should be 66% longer! A good heating system can cost anywhere between £1500 to £10000 depending on the size of your house.

Based on the above, can you truly afford to be allowing your inefficient home to be leaking heat?

Costs aside, heating the atmosphere means that your carbon emissions are likely to be higher. Climate Change is a hot topic these days which is why we, as homeowners, have a responsibility to ourselves, our local communities and the global community to invest in good insulation to help reduce our environmental footprint.