Solar Venti PIV: Retrofit Ventilation

We tackled damp issues in our customer's home with cavity wall insulation and the Solar Venti PIV unit, providing free, fresh, and warm air, while banishing damp and mould for good!

Our customer contacted us for cavity wall insulation. When we attended a property survey, it was clear that the property was already suffering from damp and mould in certain areas. The implementation of cavity wall insulation would save the customer money on their heating bills but would also limit the ability for moist air to escape the home, therefore, we recommended the Solar Venti PIV unit to help improve airflow and expel moisture through window trickle vents. Our customer is retired and at home during the day which makes Solar Venti the perfect system for free, fresh, filtered, and heated air to keep his home warm during crisp winter days! The result was impressive with noticeable warmed air flowing into the property. Six months on and the customer has experienced no further damp or mould formation and has noticed that his home stays warm for longer, therefore reducing heating costs.

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