Solar Energy Innovation: A Garden Man-Cave’s Journey to Sustainability

Discover how the Valk Pro mounting kit, a 5KW LuxPowerTek Inverter, 9.6KWh of Greenlinx battery storage, and an Eddi Immersion Controller make this installation a sustainable powerhouse

Another great installation for our lovely customer Spencer. On this installation, Spencer wanted to put an array of panels onto the flat roof of his garden “man-cave”. We used the Valk Pro mounting kit tilted at 10 degrees to catch the sun in the southern facing direction. In addition, we fitted a 5KW LuxPowerTek Inverter and a total of 9.6KWh of Greenlinx battery storage, completing the installation with an Eddi Immersion Controller so that any excess Solar generation could heat the hot water tank. All in all, a great installation which the customer was delighted with!

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