New Build Spray Foam Insulation

Our new-build timber frame home boasts ThermoFoam Sucraseal Open Cell Spray Foam, ensuring airtightness, U-Value targets, and rapid installation. Paired with an MVHR system for efficient ventilation, it's a smart, eco-friendly choice.

This single storey, new-build timber frame build was constructed using a breathable, vapour-open assembly. This made our ThermoFoam Sucraseal Open Cell Spray Foam the perfect choice to seal the floor, walls, and roof. Installed in conjunction with Building Regulations and achieving the required U-Value targets and airtightness, Sucraseal is the perfect product for a new build property. Airtight insulation should always be offset with a robust ventilation strategy to manage moisture in buildings, therefore, for this particular project, an MVHR system was installed to handle whole house ventilation. The installation took just two days compared to the many weeks in may have taken using the likes of Celotex or other similar PIR board, not to mention the offcuts and wastage that usually comes with installing pre-manufactured materials.

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