MVHR Ventilation: New Build

We upgraded an aging MVHR system for our Torquay customer, providing quiet, efficient air management in her home.

We were delighted to assist our customer in Torquay with a replacement MVHR system. An existing build with all the ducting hidden in the fabric of the building, our customer had noticed that her existing MVHR system wasn’t operating effectively and had started to get very noisy. Upon closer inspection, we determined that the 15-year-old MVHR had reached the end of its life and needed replacing. We were able to install a similar sized brand-new unit into place by connecting to the duct work in situ. This limited the requirement to access the array of ducting runs and meant that a simple swap out could be achieved. Our customer was impressed with the results and was surprised at how far MVHR systems had developed over the years. She now enjoys a brand-new system that operates silently and autonomously to manage the moisture and humidity levels within her home.

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