MVHR Ventilation: New Build

Discover how our airtight insulation and MVHR system transformed this new-build home, ensuring fresh air and minimal energy costs.

Our customer was in the process of a new-build project when he contacted us for airtight insulation. When we designed the insulation system, it became apparent that a proper ventilation strategy would need to be in place to manage moisture within the home. We specified an MVHR system to provide fresh, filtered and heat recovered air to every habitable room whilst extracting moist air from the wet zones such as bathrooms and the kitchen. The system and associated ducting runs were designed by our in-house technical team in advance of the second fix work. When the project had reached second fix, we were able to work with the on-site carpenter and electricians to install the MVHR system and commission it to the required flow rates in each room. Due to the size of the house and therefore the required size of the MVHR system, we opted to mount it in the loft space so that valuable space in the main living areas was not compromised. Twelve months after the installation was completed, our customer contacted us to advise that his energy costs were virtually nothing!

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