Loft Insulation Upgrade

We enhanced home insulation by adding 200mm mineral wool, optimizing thermal performance, and boosting EPC ratings for winter warmth and energy savings. Plus, a new loft storage area!

Our customer needed some additional mineral wool insulation to bring her home up to the recommended 300mm level. With an existing layer of 100mm in place, we tidied this to ensure it was fitted neatly between the floor joists. We then installed a brand new 200mm layer in the opposite direction across the existing layer to ensure that the thermal blanket was as airtight as possible. Taking caution to ensure we left the eaves ventilated, the new thermal layer would help to bolster the customers EPC levels and provide long-term assurances that her loft was performing well to retain heat within the living areas during colder winter months. We even laid a new section of loft boarding for the customer to store some belongings!

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