Eco-Friendly Living: A Bungalow’s Transformation with a 10KW Solar PV Array and Electric Car Charger

A 10KW Solar PV array with 24 x 420-watt Jinko panels, 5KW and 3.6KW inverters, and 12.8KWh of Greenlinx Battery storage reduced grid import to just 2356 KWh

Andrew had just moved into this sizeable bungalow just outside Totnes. Unsure of his projected annual usage, we were able to take the information from his prior house to determine future potential demand whilst incorporating a plan of action for an upgrade to an electric car in the future. With this in mind, we specified a 10KW Solar PV array using 24 x 420-watt Jinko panels. This was accompanied with a 5KW and 3.6KW inverter based on splitting the array into three strings and 12.8KWh of Greenlinx Battery storage. The system was predicted to reduce grid import to just 2356 KWh, down from 10000 KWh to provide an estimated payback of just 6 years! In preparation for an electric car, we also installed a Zappi 7KW car charger to future proof this home and get it ready for the new electrical world!

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