Spray foam can be installed in most circumstances whatever the weather.

Can Spray Foam Insulation Be Installed In Cold Weather?

With the current cold spell forecast, the question we get asked a lot is can Spray Foam be installed in cold weather?

Spray foam can be installed in most circumstances whatever the weather. In the UK, we are fortunate enough to not suffer too many temperature extremes, with that said, the colder the weather, the worse the yield and therefore the more expensive it can become.

Here the roof on the right has had our spray foam installed in their loft, the roof on the left has not.

To counteract the threat of cold winters, our scientist in the USA has developed a winter grade spray foam that can be installed in the coldest of temperatures. So if its the winter and you’ve realised that you’re freezing cold, don’t fear, we can certainly carry out an install for you.

Clambering around in lofts is hard work and if you ask one of our spray foam technicians, they will almost certainly install ThermoFoam in the winter compared to the sweltering temperatures of a summer loft space!

Don’t forget, during summer months, the roof is the first point of entry for solar gain, therefore, an installation of spray foam will not only keep you warm in the winter, it will also help to keep you cool in the summer.

ThermoFoam take pride in our customer service and we only install our product for those who need it, want it and will benefit from it. We do not compromise on quality with short cuts and that’s why a no obligation pre-installation survey is an essential part of our process.

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