Will Energy Efficiency Measures Add Value To My Home?

In a competitive housing market, your property needs to stand out from the rest and efficiency measures taken could be seen as a benefit.

Kerb appeal such as a nice driveway, a fresh lick of paint and a tidy garden will no doubt attract interest but when you can demonstrate low running costs as part of the sales particulars, you may find prospective buyers more willing to consider your house.

There’s no specific formula to correlate the type of energy efficient measures you might have implemented, against the potential value of your home but if you can demonstrate low running costs, this might be viewed favourably. Technologies such a Solar Panels and Heat Pumps may attract a premium value when you choose to sell and at the very least, such measures might help to make your home the more attractive proposition.

In the future, we predict that the energy efficient performance of a home will be intrinsically linked against its ability to be sold, much in the way that landlords cannot let out their properties unless they’ve reached a certain EPC level. As the UK continues to work towards net zero by 2050 and with our housing stock known to be some of the most inefficient in Europe, expect to see Government initiatives introduced to stimulate investment into energy efficient measures for homeowners. It may be possible that in the future, taxes will be levied against those selling homes with a low EPC rating. Watch this space!

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